we all have probably heard, “Time and Tide wait for none.” But what actually is time? To say in the words of Albert Einstein, “Is there any massive tick-tick going around in the universe?” The answer is obviously no. Then what is time?

In my previous blog”what is space?”, I mentioned the curvature of space-time due to mass or energy and also mentioned the interweaving of space and time(but not as a physical dimension). This gives us a scenario of bending of time with space(as both space and time act as a fabric so time does curves). But the question remains the same, “Time huh? what is it?”

Time, a stubborn illusion.

To know what is time, let’s go back into the time and waste some time!(not really). The most accepted theory of the beginning of the universe it the‘Big bang theory’. accordingly to this theory, the universe began with a supermassive explosion of a point object know as a singularity. from there onwards, the story of time began.

Now we know the beginning of our universe. So coming back to the topic, the flow of time from the singularity is a vector always pointing forward. In nutshell space which has no mass or energy does not really feels time!!! The reason behind this is quite simple: the curvature of space due to mass or energy disturb the steady flow of time. The mass/energy literally bends the time or disturb the flow and this disturbance of space-time gives a time we know.


In the above image, as we can see the space is curved from the centre but isn’t at the periphery. Hence the effect of time at the periphery is normal while disturbed where the earth is located.

This clearly explains to us that ‘more mass, more curvature, more disturbance in time’

What create’s the feeling of time?

As seen earlier how a disturbance in time is created, now let us talk about the time we feel and un-absoluteness of time.

As a result of Special Relativity time may vary from person to person depending upon the state of motion. Not going to deep into the special relativity let me give you a glance of it. The special relativity simply states that ” The Faster you move in Space, slower you move in time” Reason? The reason is as simple as a Doughnut!:- ( But Before jumping into this doughnut, you must know the energy-mass relation-“E=ΔMc²”, where E is energy, M is mass[to be simplest] and c is the speed of light. This relation straightforwardly states that ‘As you approach the of light, your mass increase as your energy increases.’). So now it makes sense that you curve the space-time more when you move fast, hence experience slow time.

Okay, so what we know now that the time is not absolute. Hence both Time and Tide will wait for you if you travel at light speed or try to approach it.

That’s all for this blog. I’ll write further on Time dilation, Length contraction and try to cover all other topics mentioned at the end of my previous blog-What is Space?

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