Time Dilation.

Reinforcement: Hey! guys, from the last blog”!Time.!“, we came to know that Time is just a stubborn illusion. Also how time depends upon the curvature of space-time. I should first discuss ‘TIME DILATION’ followed by ‘Length Contraction’ because length contraction uses the results of proper and improper time(which we will study later on). Time dilation also requires a […]

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Introduction:- we all have probably heard, “Time and Tide wait for none.” But what actually is time? To say in the words of Albert Einstein, “Is there any massive tick-tick going around in the universe?” The answer is obviously no. Then what is time? In my previous blog”what is space?”, I mentioned the curvature of […]

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What is Space?

Space to a Layman This blog is to give a brief introduction to space-time. SPACE in the term of a dictionary is a void or a state of being empty. For example “I have lots of space for you in my heart” or “is there any space in the storeroom?” This is the basic idea […]

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